5 Pro Tips for New Parents

  1. Follow the ABCs of safe sleep. Keep your baby safe while they sleep by making sure your baby is Alone, on their Back, in a Crib, baby box, or bassinet. If you have chosen to bedshare, do so as safely as possible. 

  2. Make an appointment with a counselor right now. Post partum mood disorders - like depression and anxiety are incredibly common. And, when you’re in it, it’s almost impossible to see what’s happening. That’s why I recommend that every new parent check-in with a therapist or counselor when their baby is 12 weeks old. Yes, even dads can get postpartum depression. Having a baby is a huge life change. You deserve professional support. 

  3. Enroll in Stellar Sleep 101 today. Set yourself and your family up for sleep success with the Stellar Sleep Foundations course from pip & grow. Our courses are based on both the best available science around mindfulness and infant sleep as well as our decades of experience as sleep coaches, public health workers, and, yes, parents. There is no reason to suffer a stressful night’s sleep for one more night. 

  4. Get a travel coffee cup with a lid. Hot liquids can seriously burn a baby. Parents of young children also tend to rely on hot liquids, like coffee and tea, to get through those first, sleep-deprived months. Using a travel cup with a tightly fitting lid can make all the difference when your baby flails in your arms while you’re taking a sip. 

  5. Fed is best. Is breast-feeding working well for your family? If so, great! If not, be easy on yourself. Formula is great. There is no need to suffer. Feed your baby in the way that works for you.

Kate Compton Barr is the CEO and co-founder of pip & grow, the one-stop shop that meets your sleep needs from pregnancy through preschool. Prior to founding pip & grow, Kate was a behavioral scientist working at a top research university. In addition to her writing on the pip blog, Kate has written for Scary Mommy and Pregnant Chicken.