6 Activities to Create Family Memories in 2021

If there is one thing we have learned during the last year during the coronavirus pandemic, it would be that connection to family and making family memories is one of the most important things we can do together. As we get back into the groove of living life to its fullest, we can’t wait to see where you and your family will venture out to create new memories in 2021.

If you aren’t sure what’s available to you, some of our family favorites come to mind:

 Biking – Bike riding on a nearby trail or even in your neighborhood is a family activity that never gets old. Biking is a great family fun for kids of all ages and is as easy as just opening that garage door and heading outside. Plus, biking can:  

  • Build leg strength
  • Boost your mental health
  • Give your morning a positive start


Hiking – What’s better than a family adventure in nature? We recommend you venture out to parks and trails that offer something for everyone. Whether it’s a stroll on a flat path or a more rugged and rocky challenge, hiking allows us to be immersed in nature, breathe in the fresh air, and take in the beauty of our surroundings. According to the National Park Service, hiking provides:

  • A powerful cardio workout that boosts overall health
  • A great way to strengthen your core
  • An opportunity for your family to work together to achieve goals
  • A way to lower the risk of depression


Camping - A family favorite for those who like to rough it, camping offers so many unique experiences. According to Eureka Camping, camping is good for you and provides many health benefits, including: 

  • Connecting you with Nature
  • Building problem-solving skills
  • A fun way to educate kids about nature and the world around them
  • Providing a better night’s sleep
  • Boosts your vitamin d intake
  • Provide more opportunities to exercise
  • Improve overall feelings of happiness


Fishing – A classic hobby that allows families to improve their physical and mental well being. What could be better than feeling the sun on your face while patiently waiting for that fish to bite? Fishing booker blog suggests that fishing with the family provides the following benefits:

  • Builds strong bonds
  • Increases self-esteem and resilience
  • Combats stress and anxiety 
  • Cleans out your lungs in fresh air
  • Allows you to practice patience and stillness


 Going to the Beach – We can’t think of a more exciting day to plan with family than going to the beach. The beauty of the beach offers something for everyone. Whether you want to build a sandcastle, sunbathe and read a book, or just watch the birds go by, the beach is perfect for family fun and offers so many benefits, but don’t forget your sunscreen! 

  • Great stress reducer
  • Provides necessary Vitamin D
  • All the benefits of exercise
  • Sand is a natural exfoliant
  • Promotes a better night’s sleep 


Cooking – A family pastime that can happen daily and is part of the history that many families share. Do you have a favorite recipe from mom or grandma that makes you feel connected to your family history? According to Aetna’s family health guide, the benefits of cooking at home include:

  • Boost feelings of happiness
  • Allows you to consume fewer calories
  • Can boost your confidence
  • Can allow you to socialize with loved ones
  • Stimulates your brain
  • Allows kids to work on planning and math skills
  • Cooking can bring your family together.


So whether you find yourself biking, hiking, camping, fishing, beaching, or cooking with your family, one thing we know is you’re sure to be creating new and lasting family memories that can last a lifetime.

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