Great Gift Ideas for Dad

We know you’re busy and trying to find a great new gift for Dad can become another tiresome chore on your already long to-do list. That’s why we put together this simple list of great gifts for Dad, plus a direct link to add them to your cart and purchase. Whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas, or just because these are some of our favorite gifts to get Dads.

Tile Mate 

We love the Tile Mate because it helps Dad keep track of all his important items, like his phone, keys, and wallet. 

Tile Mate uses Bluetooth connection to keep track of the most important items and is great for Dads who are constantly juggling tiny items while getting out the door or playing at home. 

So whether you’re venturing out and about while social distancing or you’re staying at home, don’t let Dad misplace his keys again. Unless you enjoy watching him look for the keys that are right in his hand!

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Gaiam Restore Total Massage Roller 

Treat your guy to a relaxing night after a long day with the Gaiam Restore Total Massage Roller. It’s a great way to loosen up muscles after a long work out or running around with the kids. Plus we know you’re probably more stressed-out than ever, so relieve those tense muscles with a short rolling session and feel re-energized. We love this gift too because Dad can use it himself, he doesn’t have to ask for help but can roll out the sore muscles while Mom or Dad takes care of the kiddos for a bit. 

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Swiss Army Knife 

This gift is great for a handy, outdoor Dad! The Victorinox Classic Pocket Knife has a 1.25-inch blade, scissors, tweezers, a toothpick, a nail file, and a screwdriver. It is extremely durable so it will last a long time and is perfect for any project. He will feel like a real MacGyver inside and out of the house.  

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OTGBaby Plush Portable Changing Station

This is an awesome new gift for Dad and a new product as well! The OTGBaby Plush Portable Changing Station is a brand new product from OTG. Designed for parents on-the-go it is perfect for any parent with its sleek design, and patented antimicrobial fabric. Whether you’re venturing outdoors or staying inside the OTGBaby Plush Portable Changing Station is a game-changer for regular diaper changes. Learn more about OTG and its upcoming Kickstarter campaign! 

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Travel Mug 

With little kids around we know enjoying that steaming hot mug of coffee is pretty much a disaster waiting to happen. Get Dad a new travel mug from Contigo that he can use around the house or out and about. It keeps hot drinks hot for 5 hours and cold drinks cold for up to 12 hours! So when he has to leave his coffee on the counter to change that diaper or keep the baby occupied his coffee will be hot when he gets back!

Keep the kids safe and Dad caffeinated. 

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Laladu Dad Shirt

Sometimes the baby just needs their Dad. This Laladu Dad Shirt is a fun and simple way to keep newborns safe and calm while you’re walking around the house or the neighborhood. Made with breathable mesh and easy to use design it is the perfect way for Dads to bond with their newborn babies safely. 

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We’ve all done it. We’ve dropped our phones all over the place trying to juggle a baby and a bottle and toys and bags and our sanity! It’s bound to happen. That’s why the Otterbox Defender Series phone case is great for every Dad. From playing ball in the backyard, or running at the park, or playing dress up in the living room, no matter what happens you can be sure your phone will be safe. 

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Instant Pot 

Last, but certainly not least, the Instant Pot. This is a great gift for Dad (and for you *wink wink*) because it is super simple and a quick way to cook a delicious meal. We love the Instant Pot because it saves a lot of time and it’s incredibly versatile. You can make rice, yogurt, steamed veggies, and keep dinner warm while you play with the kiddos all in one pot!

Here are a few of our favorite Instant Pot recipes to go with it. 

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