Must Have Baby Products to Protect From Harmful Germs and Irritants

On Mymomknows, we love safety and cleanliness and we believe you should too. COVID-19 has and will change the way we live forever, but it wont change the fact you still need baby products for your little one. Here are our go-to products to stay healthy and safe no matter where you are. 

Eco Free diaper 

We love this Eco-Free diaper! These diapers are free of chlorine and fragrance and other harsh chemicals, which can cause irritation and other discomfort for your baby. The last thing you want is for your baby to have an itch that can lead to much larger issues. Plus these diapers are super cute! Each set has illustrations of animals plus they are better for the environment compared to other options. Wins all around! 

Baby Wipes

Babies aren’t known for being the cleanest little munchkins, right? Keep a pack of baby wipes with you at all times and you will have easy access to bacteria and virus killing protection. Whether it’s a major blow-out or sticky fingers, baby wipes are gentle on the skin and kill harmful germs.

Spray Hand Sanitizer

Soap isn’t always readily available, especially if you are out running errands or playing outside. Hand sanitizer is a new staple for every parent, but even more so now than ever. According to the CDC, you always want to use hand sanitizer that has at least 60% alcohol. This spray hand sanitizer is a great option for parents on the go as it dries very quickly and still kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria on the go. Great for you and the little ones!

OTGbaby Portable Changing Station

When changing diapers there is a lot you juggle at once. This opens up a lot of opportunities for germs to get tucked back into your bags and taken home with you. That’s why we love the OTGbaby Diaper Bag. This innovative company created a diaper bag that unzips into a portable changing station! Plus the outside is anti-microbial and the entire bag is wipe-clean. So you can use one of those baby wipes or even your hand sanitizer to wipe it down and be confident you’re leaving germs outside of the house. 


Masks are a part of our new reality, so why not look cute? It is important for everyone to wear a mask while we fight the coronavirus, so add some flair to yours and get a mask that works and looks great. Also, remember, masks for your little ones should not be worn unless they are two-years or older.