Our Community Promise

Giving back to the community is an integral piece of who we are at OTGbaby. That's why we partner with companies that provide reliability, safety, comfort, and dignity to children and families around the world. 

We're pleased to announce its partnership with Rockville-based national non-profit, Comfort Cases, to bring needed baby items to infants and toddlers in foster care.

The statistics are staggering: At any given time, there are approximately 437,500 youth in foster care in the United States. An estimated 700 children enter the system each day, and most kids arrive with little more than the clothes on their backs. In addition, more infants and babies than ever before are entering the foster care system. Those who do have belongings are often given a trash bag in which to carry their life’s treasures.

Comfort Cases set out to change all that, and OTGbaby wants to help.

As part of its corporate giving mission, OTGbaby has committed to a buy-one, give-one program throughout the 30-day campaign and beyond. For every OTG diaper bag purchased, OTG will donate a baby blanket, stuffed animal, or other requested baby products to help fill a “comfort case” for infants and toddlers entering the foster care system.

Comfort Cases founder, Rob Scheer had this to say about our partnership, "We are delighted and grateful to be working with such a dynamic local company to help bring the necessary items to children in foster care, and we look forward to a long-term relationship as OTGbaby grows. The buy-one, give-one program will allow Comfort Cases the flexibility to request items most in need for babies, and their success will be our success."