About Us

The OTGbaby Story

OTGbaby was founded by Brett Guterman who was a high school student when he discovered a gap in the diaper bag market. It might sound silly right?

But Brett learned from his friends who were babysitting that it was difficult to find a safe, clean, comfortable place to change a diaper when leaving the house and going out with a baby. Moms reported that even going to a park was worrisome, because there are so few safe, clean and comfortable places to change a baby when away from home.

So after becoming an Uncle, he decided to change that.

His mentor, entrepreneur and mom Barbara (now a new grandmother herself), later joined him to address that market need and launched OTGbaby to create an innovative diaper bag backpack that has a hidden changing station for on-the-go diaper changes anytime, anywhere, even when you’re at Grandmas’ house.

Why we made this

The OTGbaby team conducted focus groups across the US and identified what moms and dads really want in a portable diaper changing station: lots of storage, easy to use when you're away from home, everything you need for diaper changes, and stylish design. We’ve addressed each of these areas to create the perfect diaper changing backpack for active families. With a patented design and built-in diaper changing station, this lightweight bag – made from vegan leather – will instantly be your favorite diaper bag backpack for traveling with your baby.

Face it, a baby's diaper needs to be changed up to 10 times a day, no matter where you might be. Whether you’re at a coffee shop, in a park, on a hike, or even at a friend’s backyard barbecue, you shouldn’t have to ask yourself, “Can I change my baby here?” 

The Diaper Changing Backpack by OTGbaby puts you in control of diaper changes when you're traveling with baby. Made from 100% vegan leather with a built-in water-repellant diaper changing station that unzips in seconds so moms and dads can be ready for on-the-go diaper changes anytime, anywhere.